Day 16 – Travelling Solo

Fun. Need to do it more often.


Day 15 – 30

Walked a lot today. Walked 30k steps to celebrate the big three oh. Nothing like some soul searching while exploring solo.

Day 14 – Cats

My friend has two cats. I played with them today. It was relaxing. Watching them knead and purr on your lap is one of those small joys that are priceless. I've always loved cats. But I never had a pet growing up. I played with all the neighbourhood cats. I had told myself that once... Continue Reading →

Day 13 – Patience

I need to meditate. I have very little patience, get angry and agitated fairly easily. All it takes for me to lose my mind is to be with another human. I dislike everyone.I need to meditate. It works for me. I know that because I've tried it before. But somehow I don't want to. I... Continue Reading →

Day 11 – Almost forgot

I almost forgot to update today. I read three graphic novels since yesterday. I used to read a lot of comics as a kid. Got busy in college and did not read a lot. After graduating I picked up reading again but ended up ignoring comics and graphic novels. The only ones I remember reading... Continue Reading →

Day 10 – All the Names snippets

Done with All the Names by Jose Saramago. Going to share some of my favorite snippets: but it is well known that the human mind very often makes decisions for reasons it clearly does not know , presumably because it does so after having travelled the paths of the mind at such speed that ,... Continue Reading →

Day 8 – Books and Reading

New word learnt today courtesy of Indian Philosophy by Radhakrishnan: sacerdotalism Currently reading: All the Name by José Saramago Have you ever sat in someone else’s car, expecting nothing untoward, expecting them to be an average driver? Expecting that they would slowly accelerate? Or even fail to accelerate at all as you begin to wish... Continue Reading →

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